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Mobile app

Delishimo, muma's secret recipe cookbook app

Delishimo is an Italian recipe app providing quick and tasty meals for people in a rush. As this is a personal project I didn’t have a PM who could do the UX. So I took the initiative and created a quick research doc in order to learn more about other similar products, target audience and possible features.

These are my results and data which I worked with. They are spread across a few pages in the slides below*.
*Made specifically for this case study


Basic UX

Stage 1


Basic UX cont

Stage 2

User flows

Working with data collected during the research phase, I am able to set up a site map, user journeys and user flows. This helps me to organise and plan what route the users will take in order to achieve their goals. After that I continue with the first version of wireframes.     


Stage 3

Selected wireframes

Once the user flow has been worked out, I now have a good map
of screens and content needed for the app. Here are some selected wireframes used for ideation, screen contents and placements.

(UI) User Interface

Stage 4


Now I move onto the UI, I work in sketch or adobe XD to create clean user friendly UI elements. Strictly keeping to higs mobile guidelines to ensure the best user experience possible. I use photoshop for image manipulation and Invsion or studio for interactive prototypes. This is my favourite part of the whole process.


Stage 5

Interactive Prototype

By creating an interactive prototype the client can get a real sense of how the product will work. It can help to confirm common visions among stakeholders and will reduce development times.   

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